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    Question How do you make calls?

    It asked to write a function displayDigit() that will ask the user for an integer. The function will then print out the 1-digit, 10-digit, and 100-digit. The function will also print the average
    of the 1-digit, 10-digit, and 100-digit.

    I got this part and the code is:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main () {
      int iVar;
      printf( "Enter an integer: " );
      scanf( "%d", &iVar );
      printf( "The 1-digit is %d\n", (int) (iVar) % 10 );
      printf( "The 10-digit is %d\n", (int) (iVar / 10) % 10 );
      printf( "The 100-digit is %d\n", (int) (iVar / 100) % 10 );
      printf( "The average of the three digits is %d\n",
              ( ((int) (iVar) % 10) + ((int) (iVar / 10) % 10) +
              ((int) (iVar / 100) % 100) )/3 );
      return 0;
    It asked me to write a program in main() that will make two (2) calls to displayDigit().
    I'm not sure how to make the function called displayDigit() and make 2 calls.

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    You already know how to make function calls, what you need to know is how to define prototypes and function definitions. There is a C tutorial on this site which I'm sure explains it.

    As far as your code goes, I would recommend NOT casting your calculations to an int. Why? Because an int % int returns an int, there is absolutely no need to cast an int to an int and it makes the code hard to read.

    I would imagine your prototype to be something like:
    void displayDigits(int num);

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