Thread: turning the contents of a file into a string using the preprocessor?

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    turning the contents of a file into a string using the preprocessor?

    A project I am working on includes a text file containing some version information (just letters, numbers, and spaces, nothing that ordinarily would have to be escaped). Is it possible to use the C preprocessor to turn the contents of this file into a string? Something equivalent to the following, if it worked:

    char * version = "#include "file"";

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    Something like this might work. If not I can't think of a way.

    #define STR(ARG) #ARG
    char * version = STR(
    #include "file"
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    Another way could be to seek to the end of the file; get its length with ftell(); and then store all of it using a single fread().

    Edit: never mind as you wanted something using the preprocessor.
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