Thread: question about strcmp

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    question about strcmp

    Well strcmp was alawys confusing me because sometimes i see codes where if(strcmp(buffer,"BLA")==0) or if(strcmp(buffer,"BLA")!=0); i wanted to ask what strcmp return on true and on false coz i alawys tried have to alawys make 2 in my functions to chk if its right or wrong pls help thanks. PS(I Know this is so stupid question).

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    I typed strcmp into google, and this was the top search result:

    Returns an integral value indicating the relationship between the strings:
    A zero value indicates that both strings are equal.
    A value greater than zero indicates that the first character that does not match has a greater value in str1 than in str2; And a value less than zero indicates the opposite.
    So seriously, STFW!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMalc View Post
    So seriously, STFW!!!
    That's an interesting twist on RTFM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjust View Post
    That's an interesting twist on RTFM.
    Why do you think so? They have only 2 words in common.
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