Thread: How do I make getch() ???

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    How do I make getch() ???

    First off, I searched the faq and the previous posts. I am using getch() in a program, but I am trying to stick with ansi compliant functions.

    Does anyone know how I would make a function that would accept a char without the user pressing 'enter'?
    I checked the conio.h file, but couldn't understand it.

    Once again, any help is appreciated.

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    conio.h only contains the declarations for the actual function for getch();

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    Hi, I have some bad news.

    You can't, not using other ANSI C functions, I had the same question months and months ago, and I could not find anything that would do it. It was suggested to me to use Assembly language, but Im not sure how. So if you can use Assembly try using it other wise Im sorry.


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    in 60H

    this will give you the scan code.

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