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    help with EOF

    hello, i am working on this program that calculates the resistance of an arbitrary number of floating points, the input needs to end when i press zero or EOF...i have the zero part but for some reason i can't get the EOF part....
    here is my code

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define   SENTINAL   0
    int main()
       double r1;
       double resistance = 0.0;
       printf("Enter the resistance or zero to end input:\n");
       while ( 1 )  {
          scanf("%lf", &r1);
          if ((r1 == SENTINAL))
          resistance += (1/r1); 
       if (resistance == 0)
          printf("\nNo values entered.\n\n");
          printf("\nTotal resistance of the ciruit is %.3f ohms\n", 1/resistance);
       return 0;
    i have tried

    if ((r1 == SENTINAL) || (r1 == EOF))
    i have also tried saying

    if (scanf("%lf", &r1) == EOF)
    the scanf code ends the input but it changes my numbers...can anyone give me any insight to what i am doing wrong? thanks

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    rl can never have the value EOF. scanf will return the value EOF. Since you need to check for both EOF and zero, then do so:
    if (retval == EOF || inputval == 0)

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    I think you should write your loop like this instead:
    while (scanf("%lf", &r1) == 1 && r1 != SENTINAL) {
        resistance += 1.0 / r1;
    Incidentally, I think that SENTINAL should be SENTINEL, and you really should indent your code more consistently.
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    thank you!

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