Thread: confusion in linking process

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    confusion in linking process

    when we run the command to compile a program, the results we get are, a .obj file and .exe file.

    as far as I know, .obj file is created by compiler and .exe file by linker however, since the .exe file also created at the same time hence it make me thinking about that the linker is also called when we run the command for compilation.

    is that so?

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    Maybe the command that you are running is named "build", since "build" is often used to mean "compile and link". On the other hand, sometimes people use "compile" when they mean "compile and link".
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    Beyond what Laserlight says, many compilers (including Turbo C, gcc and MS Visual Studio) support "linking using the compiler", where if you do NOT specify a flag (-c or similar) to say "only compile this, don't link it", the compiler starts the linker after it has finished compiling the source code. So essentially, the linker is being run in a separate process, but it is done as part of one single command - the compile command.

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