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    division issue

    to get accurate result either numerator or denominator or both must be floating type.

    why this statement doesn't give the accurate result?
                  float f;
                  f= 21/5;
    the output is 4.000

    what happens if we make changes so?
                  float f;
                  f= 21.0/5;
    output 4.200

    please give me the reason

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    because 21 and 5 are integers. 21/5 returns an integer (4) which is then cast to the float(4.000). 21.0/5 returns a float (4.2) because the result is of the highest type, in this case, float.

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    Integer division gives an integer answer.

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    Inside my computer
    21.0 / 5 returns a double.
    21.0f / 5 returns a float.
    It's amazing how many people mix up floats and doubles.
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