Thread: enum with assignments is standard?

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    Alessio Stella
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    enum with assignments is standard?

    just an example:
    typedef enum {
    	TimeOut = 0x0938,
    	CC = 0x0A00
    } Type_RegisterAddress;
    the previous use of enum with assignment is ANSI C or it is something working only for some C compilers?

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    It's valid in C99; I don't remember whether it was valid in C89.

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    Yes you can do that.
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    Yes, that is ANSI standard C89.
    An enumeration type declares a set of named constants, with type int. An enumerator with = defines enumeration constant. If the first enumerator has no =, its enumeration constant is 0. Each enumerator with no = defines an enumeration constant, by adding 1 to the previous one.

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