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    Switching arrays

    I have been trying this for a week and i still dont understand how to do it. I have to reverse the elements of an a array. I turned the problem into the teacher already and she said all i did was print them backwards and not reversed the elements. I know how to exchange values but i just cant figure this problem out.

    this is my array.....can u help me reverse the elements..??

    for (i=0;i<MAX;i++)


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    Option 1:

    Create a second array of the same size. Then perform the following algorithm:

    array_new [0] = array_old [N]
    array_new [1] = array_old [N-1]
    array_new [N] = array_old [0]

    Then you could copy array_new to array_old so array_old is reversed. Or you could change pointer of something different.

    Option 2:

    Use a temporary variable to keep old value and use this for switching. Algorithm:

    temp_value = array [0]
    array [0] = array [N]
    array [N] = temp_value

    ...etc. Take care if the numer of elements is odd.

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