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    Arabic script in C

    Hi, I need to write a program to keep track of a somewhat large amount of Arabic vocabulary words and their English equivalents. The required functionality of this program is quite simple, but I am having major difficulties with Arabic script. I have never used Unicode in a C program before, and although I have done a large amount of reading into the topic I have not yet been able to display a single Arabic character on the screen. I have tried wide and multibyte characters under UTF-8 and 16 and UCS2, many of the functions in wchar of course, but there is something I have misunderstood, or am lacking altogether in my attempts. I have been able to print wide characters using their unicode codes for the basic latin alphabet, and about 100 or 200 symbols thereafter, but at a certain point the characters begin to repeat the same sequence over and over again. Can anyone lend me some help/ideas/advice for this problem? Thank you.

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