Thread: Copy character array to char * pointer

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    Copy character array to char * pointer

    I have an array of characters name "mess_in" and I would like to assign this to a char* pointer. I attempted using strncpy() but am not sure if this is correct. When I run it once this seems to work correctly but subsequent calls do not seem to be copying the right data. Here is my code:

    	/*Assign memory for each of the variables as needed*/
    	request = malloc(BUFSIZ);
    	temp = malloc(256);
    	/*Read in the HTTP request from the client*/
          if( (nr=read(socket, mess_in, BUFSIZ) ) < 0) {
                fprintf(stderr, "Trouble Reading From Client.\n");
                fprintf(stderr, "Errno Value:  %s\n", strerror(errno));
    		return -1;
    	/*Copy the buffer into the request variable*/
         strncat(request, mess_in, strlen(mess_in));

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    omg shoot me now, lol. I didn't even realize i had strncat when I wanted strncpy. Fixed it!

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    May be you should also have to include some error checking for your malloc returns. Thats very important!!!

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    who said that mess_in is nul-terminated? use the return value of read instead of strlen
    and do not forget to nul-terminate request manually after each strncat if you want next strncat to work properly
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