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    Lvalue required

    I'm not sure why I get this error...

    typedef struct pcb {
    	char name[11];
    	int  pclass;
    	int  priority;
    } pcb;
    int main() {
      pcb *new_pcb = allocate_pcb(); //allocates memory for structure
      new_pcb->pclass = 1;
      new_pcb->priority = 2;
      new_pcb->name = "newpcb1";  //error on this line : Lvalue required
    how do I assign the value of name inside the structure?

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    You cannot assign to an array, so you should use strcpy() or strncpy().
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmrnetworks View Post
    You can't create structure name s the same as the reference of structure. You have define the other name.
    if you mean that

    typedef struct dcb dcb;
    is incorrect - you are wrong;
    you can make a dcb type synonim of the struct dcb type
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