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    Using Scatterlist


    I am trying to implement some encryption in the kernel space. I need to use crypto api, which requires the use of scatterlist. I need to simple encrypt a string of characters and the store the encrypted string. I think I have most of my code right, but I seem to have a problem when extracting the string back from the scatterlist. Lets say I do the following:

            char p[4] = "abc"; 
            char *t; = virt_to_page(p);
    	dst.offset = offset_in_page(p);
    	dst.length = 3;
    	t = kmap ( + dst.offset);
    	*(t+3) = '\0';
    I am expecting my code to print "abc" but it doesn't. It prints some junk. How can I get a pointer to my string back once I put it into the scatterlist?

    Thank you for any suggestions you might have.


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    As far as I can tell, kmap() returns a page-address, which means an address with the low 12 bits set to zero. So you would need to calculate the offset-within-page to to the new virtual address.

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    Thanks, I think I managed to figure it out. I think skatterlist only acts as a pointer, it doesn't store any data, and I thought it would store it. All should be sorted out.

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