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    Help for my output array

    Hi Guys, I having trouble with my output array. The system works fine, in that it takes input from the user and runs the correct logic and then ouputs it.

    I have decided to include an output array, so; 1) The user selects the logic gate they want to test.
    2) The user then selects how many inputs they would like.
    *3) I have just decided to add this in, the user then selects how many outputs they would like.
    4) The user then sets the values for the inputs.

    What I am having a problem with now is that I would like the system to printf() the output as many times specified by the user.

    eg, An AND gate has been selected, and 2 inputs have been declared and 3 outputs have been declared, the input values have been assigned to the input array. Once the gate has applied the bitwise operator, it outputs the response to the command prompt. I want it to display as so; Output = [1,1,1]. Instead of just Output = 1 or 0, I want it to output as many times as the user specified for the output array.

    Here is what I have;
    Code: and(int n, int o)
    	printf("\nPlease Set The Values For Your Inputs: ");
    	int array[n]; ..input array
    	int output[o]; //the output array
    	int i = 0;
    	for (i = 0; i < n; i++){
    		printf("Enter input %d:", i);
    		while(array[i]!=0 && array[i]!=1){
    			printf("Value must be 0 or 1. Please try again:\n");
    	int result = array[0];
    	for(i = 1; i < n; i++)
    	   result &= array[i];
    	printf("\nOuptut = %d\n", result);
    	/*int j = 0;
    	for (j=0; j < o; j++){
    		printf("%d", output[j]); //Just to see if it worked, but nope

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    How 'bout another "for" loop nesting from here:
    	int result = array[0];
    	for(i = 1; i < n; i++)
    Of course maybe then you want to move the declaration up.
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