Thread: expected specifier-qualifier-list ip.h

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    expected specifier-qualifier-list ip.h

    Hi all, I've got this error...
    In file included from t.c:10:
    ip.h:148: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'n_time'
    Below I posted scrap of code where it's defined.
    147:    union ipt_timestamp {
    148:             n_time ipt_time[1];
    149:             struct ipt_ta {
    150:                    struct in_addr ipt_addr;
    151:                    n_time ipt_time;
    152:             } ipt_ta[1] __attribute__((__packed__));
    153:    } ipt_timestamp __attribute__((__packed__));
    154:} __attribute__((__packed__));
    I tried fixit like this, but take nothing positive effect.
    typedef unsigned int n_time;
    typedef u_int32_t n_time;
    Tell me something how to improve it stiff.

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    Do you include say inet.h before ip.h ?
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