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    from below Snippet, how i value is calculated??

    int i = 2;
    int k = i++ - i++;         
    printf("%d %d",k i);  
     o/p  I m getting --->  k = 0, i = 3
    My doubt is ++ operator has R - L evaluation , here am doing 
    post incerement so first expression would be evaluated with original value 
    nd next value will get incremented twice so i value is 4.
    but am getting  i  value is 3 ???

    int i = 2;
    int k = ++i - ++i;
    printf("%d %d",k,i);
    o/p i m getting ----> k = -1, i = 4
     Here am doing preincrement so first value will get incremented nd 
    next expression will be evaluated .My doubt is 3 - 4 or 4 - 3 ?? first 
    which variable will get incremented??(left side or right side).
    Could u plz clarify it....

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    Both of your cases are undefined, as the C standard does specifically says [something like] "no variable must be updated twice within the same sequence point". Since a sequence point is roughly the same as a statement [there are places where it isn't, but we'll ignore that for now], your
    k = i++ - i++;
    breaks that rule.

    What actually happens is that the compiler will order the increement of i and subtract independently of each other, which means that it may do:
    k = i - i;
    k = i (i++;) - i;   // Not C syntax! It does i++ after taking the first value of i.
    And likewise for the ++i variant.

    Finally, in theory, the compiler is perfectly allowed to come up with ANY numeric answer - the fact that you are getting some sort of reasonable answer is entirely based on the compiler doing "something sensible", but it's not guaranteed to do that.

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