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    Parsing HTTP Information

    I am receiving a file from a server and would like to parse the HTTP information of the server but am unsure as to how to do so. I would like to be able to tell what the content-length is and then set the variable appropriately. The same goes for Date and such. Thanks!

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    Try grabbing the data from the server with telnet first. The data you get back makes it pretty obvious how you would go about parsing it. I.e. connect with telnet to a random webserver over port 80, and run the following commands (don't forget a double newline at the end)

    GET /some/html/file.html HTTP/1.1

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    I have done that part just fine but I want my program to break up the individual pieces so that when I read in say, Content-Length: I would know then to read the next item as the length of the content and assign it to the appropriate variable. I have variables for the Content-Length, The Error-Code return value by the http request, so on....I just would like to be able to parse the information.
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    Well, each line of the header has \r\n appended to it i believe, so parse away!

    Keep in mind the header ends when you find \r\n\r\n

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