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    I m writing c code for full duplex communication between two PCs where two PCs will be communicating simultaneously with each other.
    What i want is - O/P window should be splitted into two parts- first part will display whatever current user typing(transmitting) while the other part will display data he is receiving from second PC/USER.
    I m done with full duplex part of the code but how to split o/p window into two halves or invoke two output windows or display messages in two distinct parts of same window.
    I m discussing this problem wrt turbo c3 IDE.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    There is no real trivial way to do this in any environment. You would have to do your own management of the screen content.

    Of course, using a 15+ year old compiler is not going to help - perhaps you may want to consider using a more modern one, and then you would have nice tools such as wxWidgets or curses that you could use for the screen management.

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