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    Pre-Interviewer asking sample code

    Hi all,
    I am searching for a new job and interviewer asking me to send a sample code in C

    what exactly they are expecting from me?

    1) Do I have to send my own code which I have done in the past/ Do I have to send someone's code that I like most?

    If I send any code what's the guarentee that I have done it on my own?

    position is Junior Embedded Linux Programmer.

    And he want code in "C"

    I have about 2 years of programming expierence and I have done some develepment projects but do I have to post entire project. Because I only done part of the projects(mostly) and my code alone doesn't make any sense.

    Please help me how to do it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No they aren't expecting a whole project. They wont be compiling it, they'll just be looking to make sure it's not a piece of crap.
    E.g. too many globals, bad function or variable naming, bugs, poor coding style (badly laid-out or indented), too much copy and pasted code that could be shortened a lot, someone else's work passed off as your own etc.

    It's not that it has to be perfect, it's just that by them even asking for it they'll weed out about 50% of applicants because it'll scare off those that don't really know anything about coding from even applying, and many that do apply will probably send in crap as per the above because they've only been coding for 2 months etc.

    Send in something that looks good at a glance and you'll probably be fine in this regards. Maybe just one average size .c and .h file.

    P.S. Don't flog me if you don't get the job though
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    Make sure you're able to explain the code and your thought processes behind the design!

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    Definitely send code you've worked on, not some other project that you like.

    Also, send the whole project and explain which parts are yours, and which parts were done by other project members. (also make sure you have the authority to send this code, if these were projects for other companies they likely won't appreciate you sending their code around. If they are just course projects then you should be fine.)

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