Thread: Arranging a file into alphabetical order.

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    FTN95? As in Fortran 95? Really?

    Well, I'm not familiar with it, but ... uh ... well, that seems bizarre. The example compiles fine with gcc, and converting from void* to char* really shouldn't be an error, so right now I'm giving a thumbs down to this FTN95 thing.

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    What that error message is saying is that qsort on your compiler, needs a const char pointer, instead of a const void pointer. Which is *really* non-standard.

    Can you d/l and use a newer, free compiler? I've not heard of "FTN95 silverfrost", but based on this, I'm *not* impressed.

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    I would expect any C compiler to have a problem with the first line:
    the word 'include' should be in there.

    "an error" is never the right thing to say on a forum. Always post exact error or crash messages.
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    Thanks guys,
    appreciate all the trouble u went through to sort it out, i'll be sure to read up a bit more before I come here again to pester y'all.


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