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    Need your experience

    Hello.Semester ends and i was thinking of making a basic simple program running on a window (all my exercises were console applications) when i got time after exams.

    I got some basic knowledge (arrays,structures,functions,pointers,strings,file I/O) and with it i had made programs about linked list/linked stack/linked queue (insert,delete,search,sort ,show) ,binary search tree(insert,delete,show)random access files of records (insert,delete ,show,search) and others on this level.(trying to give you a general picture)

    i made a quick search and i found GTK+ and Windows API can be used with C.i wanted to ask you if i have a chance to learn+use any of them or i still lack basic knowledge needed to do it.thanks in advance.

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    I started learning gtk+ 2.0 just after I started with C, and you probably know more now than I did then. I had done GUI programming in perl before, but I don't think that makes much difference beyond already knowing what a widget is and some other simple basic concepts.

    It was difficult at first (I think any API of that size will be), but not too much so and has been very rewarding. I have not tried porting anything to windows, but the actual gtk is identical as far as I can tell except for the occasional small difference mentioned in the documentation (which is to say it seems very portable). You might want to find a book for this one eventually, I think there are several around. But for now the online tutorials, etc. will probably get you started.

    There is also a gtk forum which is fairly active.
    C programming resources:
    GNU C Function and Macro Index -- glibc reference manual
    The C Book -- nice online learner guide
    Current ISO draft standard
    CCAN -- new CPAN like open source library repository
    3 (different) GNU debugger tutorials: #1 -- #2 -- #3
    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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    if i try with windows api will be easier?

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    Windows API is usually even harder. And messier.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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    Windows API is terrible, GTK+ is nice and structured. I prefer Qt above GTK+, but that's for C++ (it's Object Orientated, but platform-independent too).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ideswa
    I prefer Qt above GTK+, but that's for C++ (it's Object Orientated, but platform-independent too).
    A little off topic, but a better comparison with Qt in that respect would be gtkmm, the official C++ wrapper for GTK+.
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    hmm,ok i will try with GTK+ then."widgets",have seen this mentioned many times. i guess i should start with understanding that part. do you know any book about GTK+ ,that uses simple language and has many code examples?i am more comfortable looking to simple code and accurate comments than reading pages of text.although, any suggestion is welcome of course.thanks.

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