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cas: I had a feeling that C99 might have fixed this "bug", however Elysia's telepathy rides again: I am using MSVC and so am stuck in the dark ages for now.
I doubt very much it's a "bug." More like a feature that is not necessary in a low-level language as C, or just a pain to implement.
If you ask me, the dark ages you are referring to have come and gone. MSVC has full-fledged support for C++ these days, and support for C++0x is forthcoming.
Using C is like being stuck in the past, so MSVC has everything it needs. If one needs to use C99, there are other compilers and IDEs such as GCC and Code::Blocks.

Elysia: I would only use this for global scope. This is to sort out all of the hard-coded data structures that my program (a script interpreter) would use.
So long as you are aware of the risks...

My original point was to underline that while I think that C is an amazing language, there does seem to be a few easily-fixable flaws in its rules. Still, I guess that's what they made Java for, right?
I guess that's why they made C++!
That would be natural, since it's an evolution directly from C that fixes these "flaws" while still "remaining" C