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    Classical Unix IPC mechanisms

    hi all
    im learning in university of khartoum and i have this Assignment can one help me to write this program

    Write a “Mad Sentence Composer” program with the following specs:
    - Create three files. Each file contains only certain kinds of words, i.e. one file will contain nouns, another
    verbs and the third one contains adverbs. Each file contains at least 10 words.
    - Create three processes and assign one process to each one file. Have the processes read words out
    of its file randomly.
    - Create three pipes. Each pipe will be assigned a process/file pair. Have the three processes put the
    words read into its corresponding pipe.
    - Create a fourth process and have it read the words out of the pipes in the right order, such that
    primitive sentences are formed, e.g. “singer sings loudly”. Have the process output these sentences,
    one sentence per line.
    - Don’t pay attention to grammatical correctness.
    - Create two variations of the program, one using classical pipes, one using FIFOs (“named pipes”).

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