Thread: Better ANSI keyboard handling?

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    Better ANSI keyboard handling?


    I am writing a command prompt program in C but am having issues with the current i/o functions that ANSI C provides. I am currently using gets() and scanf(), but they can't take individual characters. For example:

    If the user presses the up button, I would like to know, instead of waiting for the enter button to get pressed. Is there an ANSI function out there to do something like this?

    In other words, tell me whats going on one key at a time?

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    No, the ANSI standard doesn't have any functions to do that sort of thing. It is system dependent. You can find some of the system specific functions to deal with keyboard/console input in the FAQ under "how do I get user input without waiting for enter".

    Or you can use curses (e.g. ncurses in linux or pdcurses for windows).

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