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    Syntax help.

    Hey everyone,
    I am trying to read every line in a text file and write it to a binary file.
    Each line has a string without spaces followed by a tab and a non-negative number, such as:

    a 74
    abc 12
    thisisastring 4192

    There are some restrictions in writting the binary file but I d rather not go into any details.
    My question is how do I make the struct create a char * of length "string" and not of length "line". "line" being each individual line (ie: abc 12)
    When I try declaring "string" before the struct definition the compiler complaints.

    The structs are to be of different size inside the binary file, that s why I cant just set the string variable to something like char text[255]

    while(fgets(line, MAX_LEN, finp) != NULL) {                    //read a line from the text file
    	struct node {
    		unsigned char stringLen;
    		char text[strlen(line)]; //how do i make this text[strlen(string)]
    		int number;
    	typedef struct node MyNode;
    	MyNode dummy;
    	string = (char *)strtok(line,"\t");                       //holds just the string of chars
    	numberString = (char *)strtok(NULL, " \n\t");   //holds the number
    	dummy.stringLen = strlen(string);                     //length of the string of chars
    	num = atoi(numberString);                                //convert to int
    	dummy.number = num;                                     
    	strcpy(dummy.text, string);
    	fwrite((const void *) &dummy, sizeof(MyNode), 1, fop);   //write to binary file

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    to dynamically allocate memory - use malloc

    and to not forget that the buffer you need should be strlen(line)+1 to store the nul-terminator as well
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    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
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