Thread: sscanf() help in c

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    sscanf() help in c

    please help me with sscanf() function detailing with an example..

    Also try to help me with this program
    void main()
     char buffer[50];
     int no=97;
     double val=2.34174;
     char name[10]="Shewta";
     sprintf(buffer,"%d %lf %s",no,val,name);
     sscanf(buffer,"%4d %2.2lf %s",&no,&val,name);
     printf("\n%d %lf %s",no,val,name);
    Also please tell what format specifiers like (4 and 2.2 in above program) do in scanf() funtion.I know about their usage in printf() but unable to understand in scanf().

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    in printf you should use %f not %lf
    sscanf does the same as scanf just as input stream uses not the stdio but supplied buffer

    width in scanf format could be used to specify number of chars to convert
    I'm not familiar with availability of precision in scanf format
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    And what vart means by that last sentence is that precision is not available in scanf format (%2.2lf could do a lot of things, deciding on how the compiler decides to parse it, but the one thing it cannot do is read a two-character double with two decimal digits of precision) -- you can do %5lf, meaning "read at most five characters", but that's it.

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