Thread: In need of help with basic input-output

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    In need of help with basic input-output

    I need some help with basic input-output

    Is there a command that clears all the text from the screen?
    But not clrscr();, cause I only want to delete the text...

    I know that when using printf writing \n makes the program go down a line.
    Is there a command to make it go up a line?

    And last, is there a way to use scanf/another command to get input in a specific x,y?
    Like, say, a textbox?
    cause I want the user to be able to input text but not at the top of the screen...

    thanks in advance


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    But I suspect that the OP wants it for a DOS based system as he mentioned clrscr() function.
    Pdcurses seems to fit there.
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    If you use Windows, it has API's to do all these things. In a DOS compiler, the commands to look for are things like:

    wherex - gives the column cursor position in the current text window
    wherey - gives the row cursor position in the current text window

    gotoxy(x,y) - moves the cursor to the stated row and column position

    window(n,n,n,n) - creates a text window at this position, with this size in rows and columns

    cprintf() - does a better job of printing into these special text area's, especially with colors.

    I haven't seen a "text scroll down" function for a window, but obviously you can program a function to do that. May not be easy, but text editors do it all the time.

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