Thread: Help on circular list!

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    Help on circular list!

    Pleas i need help to fix a function which seems to be wrong! it must delete a node of a circular list.

    static int rem_plan_rec(char *aname, plan_t **agende, int left) {
    	plan_t *tmp;
    	int i=0;
    	ec_null1( *agende, EINVAL )
    	if (left==0) return 1;			
    	if (strncmp((*agende)->aname, aname, LAGENDA+1)==0) {
    		if ((*agende)->many!=0)	//in this case can't be deleted
    			return 2;
    		if (--plan_elems==1) <----- MY PROBLEM!
    		else if (plan_elems>1) {
    			while (i++<plan_elems-1) tmp=tmp->nxt;	/*	fa si che la lista resti circolare	*/
    		return 0;
    	else {
    		return rem_plan_rec(aname, agende, --left);
    //the list
    typedef struct plan_t {
    	/* Nome dell'agenda (=nome file) */
    	char aname[LAGENDA+1];
    	/* Puntatore alla lista degli eventi */
    	elem_t *events;
    	/* Numero di eventi totali */
    	unsigned int many;
    	/* Puntatore all'agenda successiva */
    	struct plan_t *nxt;
    plan_elems is an integer value that indicates how many nodes the list has. I Use the parameter left to know when the list is finished cause it's circular.
    My problem is, as i indicated in the code, that when there are only two nodes, and one of them is deleted, the other one seems to be not connected to itself!


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    where in the code is plan_elems declared / defined?? and maybe use that criteria for the last remaining instead of the last two.
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    the other one seems to be not connected to itself!
    I don't see anything obvious in your code, what are the concrete observation leading to your problem? another function is failing? As requested in the previous post, additional code may help.

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