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    Unhappy Possibly a stupidly simple question about byte arrays in structs…


    I have a struct variable as such:

    typedef struct {
    uint8_t        	header[APS_ASDU_OFFSET]; 
    uint8_t	 	data[sizeof(AppLowPowerData_t)];
    uint8_t        	footer[APS_AFFIX_LENGTH - APS_ASDU_OFFSET];
    }  Generic_RF_Packet_t;
    Now I have a function that is supposed to write a byte array (message) to the data element of the above struct (its 50 bytes long):

    void sendWirelessPacket2(uint8_t message[]) {
    	messageParams.asduLength = sizeof(message); = message;
    } // sendWirelessPacket
    Sadly this does not seem to work, and I would like to avoid using a for loop to copy each of the bytes out of the message array and into my (struct based) data array.

    Can someone help me out?

    Many thanks


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    you cannot assign to array - use memmove or memcpy
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    messageParams.asduLength = sizeof(message);
    This will almost certainly not do what you want either. Since 'message', in this particular context, is actually a pointer to the array, what you will get is the size of a pointer on your machine, which is likely four on a 32 bit machine, or eight on a 64 bit machine. You will need to pass the size of the object in as an argument to the function.
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