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    Interrupted System Call

    Hey Everyone, I was hoping you could give me a little help here. I am trying to use a helper method I made in a program of mine, and I do not seem to be having any luck. Whenever I do something wrong, I get a "Interrupted System Call" error.

    I can't seem to find a clear definition of what this means, but it looks like there is a problem with the way my helper method is called.

    Here is how I call it in main()
    getURL(test, toHere);     // a little helper method to extract the URL from the string "test"
    And here is what the helper method looks like.

    //This method will extract a URL from source and put it in dest
    void *getURL(char *source, char *dest) {
            // No idea why I have the * in "*getURL()" it just stopped giving me problems w/ it.
    	printf("Starting void method thing: %s\n", source);
    	char *origin1;    
    	origin1 = strstr(source, "GET");     // Find the GET http request
    	origin1 += strlen("GET ");     // increment origin1 to the beginning of the URL
    	int i = 0;
    	for ( i = 0; i < strlen(origin1); i++) {    // starting from origin.. search the whole string
    		if ( *(origin1+i) == '/' || *(origin1+i) == ' ' )
    			break;     // if you find a '/' or a space, you've reached the end of the URL
    	strncpy(dest, origin1, i);     // This line is causing the error!
    	dest[i] = '\0';     // Incase the last char isn't NULL
    	puts(dest);      // Print for satisfaction :(
    The line "strncpy(dest,origin1,i);" is the line causing me trouble. I am at a loss here because I am not getting any compilation errors about incorrect parameter types or anything. the int i has the value 15 after the for loop, so that should be fine as well.

    I have also used memcpy(&dest, origin1, i); This seemed to work, but I was unable to output dest to sys.out after that

    If anyone could help me with this, it would be most appreciated! Even an explanation on "Interrupted system call" would be a great help.

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    And what exactly is toHere?

    If it isn't something like
    char toHere[1000];
    char *toHere = malloc( 1000 );

    then you're writing data all over memory you don't own.
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    do you have an actual buffer where your dest points - or it is some kind of uninitialized pointer?

    memcopy should receive dest not &dest

    you should check the return value of strstr before use
    you should calculatestrlen befoer loop

    prototype of the function should be

    void getURL(const char* source, char* dest);
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