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    Is this correct

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    int c=10, d=20;
    void swap(int *c, int *d);
    void change(int *c, int *d);

    printf("Before swap c=%d , d=%d ,", c,d);
    printf("After swap c=%d , d=%d ,", c,d);

    void swap(int *c, int *d)

    void change(int *c, int *d)
    int t;

    I am getting a compilation error

    kan1usp4.c:19: warning: type mismatch with previous implicit declaration
    kan1usp4.c:15: warning: previous implicit declaration of `change'
    kan1usp4.c:19: warning: `change' was previously implicitly declared to return `
    kan1usp4.c: In function `change':
    kan1usp4.c:21: invalid type argument of `unary *'
    kan1usp4.c:22: invalid type argument of `unary *'

    On the face of it the program looks fine. But, then why is the compilation error.


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    U r correct. Thanks for ur reply.


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    hmm.... Just try this.

    #include "stdio.h"
    void swap(int *a, int *b)
    	int temp;
    	// swap the values
    	temp = *a;
    	*a =   *b;
    	*b = temp;
    int main()
    	int x = 5, k = 10, temp;
    	printf("\n Before swap() : 'x' = %d , and 'k' = %d", x, k);
    	swap(&x, &k); // Swap the values of variables 'x', and 'k'
    	printf("\n After  swap() : 'x' = %d, and 'k' = %d", x, k);
    	return 0;
    Try not to use something like -> int **c, just use one * ( *c) ...

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