Thread: Qs: Good Book on Beginning C programming?

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    I have deitel deitel in c++ and have found it pretty good but there's nothing special about it. It's basically just a 1st year college textbook. The code is syntax highlighted which is strange for a textbook. Thinking in C++ is also good and gives a different perpective on some things though it uses too many inline functions. For C books often recommended is K&R and the one by King see the book section on this site.

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    You mean pretty terrible. C by Example is probably the worst book on C that I've seen.
    *giggle* - I have to admit, after reading your post I went back to my library (which is pretty extensive) and found on the bottom of the heap C by Example.. Your right it is crap. I don't even know why I was thinking of this book - this book got me in trouble once due to inaccuracies in the text and the poor programming style and has subsequently never been used again - so I take it back. NOT RECOMENDED.

    K&R book is great use it quite a bit.

    The O'Reily Cow book is pretty coo as is the Seahorse and for UNIX buffs the Lion book. (Names witheld due to poor memory!)

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    D'oh! Posted from work and forgot to log in!

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    I find that, unless I have someone to help me, it's nice to start out with a simple book, and move onwards in difficulty from there. If you start with an all-inclusive book, that is designed as a professional reference, you can get really discouraged.

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