Thread: Mac OS X aliases

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    Mac OS X aliases

    Hi all,
    This question is specific to the Mac OS X platform. So Mac OS users please help.

    Mac OS X / HFS+ filesystem has aliases.

    How can I identify them through a program?
    I read that they are not understood through the CLI

    Can they be accessed using the POSIX API's and still retain their actual meaning?


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    I've no idea.
    S_IFLNK would seem to be the closest thing to it. If that isn't it, you need an API specific to your OS.
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    It identifies the alias as a regular file and not a sym link

    I tried out a program using both S_ISLNK and S_ISREG

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    Are you using stat(), fstat() or lstat()? Methinks you need to be using lstat().
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    S_IFLNK only identifies _symbolic_ links, if it is a hard link then there is no difference between this link and the original file because there's no longer an original file, both entries are using the same inode.

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