Thread: PLZ help in using fread,fwrite ..

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    PLZ help in using fread,fwrite ..

    Hello,This is my first pardon me if make any mistakes

    can any 1 tell me how to use fread from stdin(FROM CONSOLE)

    for example: i want to take 100 numbers as input ..and also perform some operations on them..
    how do i do that ? because fread takes BINARY INPUT...can any 1 plz help me in this aspect ?

    PS: The reason i am using fread instead of scanf is because i heard that fread is much faster than i want to extend this to very large input/

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    Take a look at the Enormous Input Test thread, especially towards the end. The code is C++ but most of the suggestions are also C.
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    I think you'll find that typing in 1000 and reading with fscanf is considerably easier than
    typing in alt-000 alt-000 alt-003 alt-232 and using fread.
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