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    Red face TrueType Font using C

    Hi All,

    I want to display unicode data using TrueType and OpenType Font using C code. Kindly suggest me if i can download C code for this purpose from any where or how i can do this

    Kind Regards,

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    In what median are you wanting to display it? OS information would be relevant.

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    Just to expand a bit on carrotcake's answer:

    If you are just wanting to draw fonts, using the current OS's existing methods, then it's probably quite easy. Drawing fonts from outline data (which those fonts are) is definitely non-trivial. There is code included in various open-source projects (X-windows would be one place to have a look), but it is not what you'd call "easy reading" code. It is certainly several thousand lines of code, including a fair bit of it that require that you understand how those types of fonts are stored and how to decode that into a glyph that can be drawn onto the screen.

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    Here you go, something I whipped up in C a while ago... based on a C++ implementation.

    It doesn't do unicode (nor is it pretty), but you do have to do some work.
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