Thread: Best way to get miliseconds?

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    Best way to get miliseconds?

    Whats the best way to get the current time in milliseconds for C? Time.h seems to have only stuff for hours:minutes:seconds.

    I ask because I am trying to emulate a CPU which is significantly slower than the host CPU. I have to calculate cycles in MHz and slow it down to its correct speed. I figure I can get it as accurate to a millisecond, because seconds obviously wouldn't be too accurate at all. Thanks.

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    The C function clock() is normally "more accurate".

    Beyond that, you will have to use OS-specific functions, such as gettimeofday() in linux or GetSystemTime() in Windows.

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    This is the best info and example on it, that I've seen, for WindowsXP:

    This uses the Windows high performance timer, and is far better than what can be done, without it.

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