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    calling programs

    Hi there,

    how can I call an other program in the currently running program using the spawn ... family of functions ?

    I've tried calling a program called checksum which takes three char* args like this:

    spawnl (P_WAIT, checksum arg1,arg2,arg3,NULL);

    arg1 and arg3 are both filenames;arg1 is a file present in the working directory and arg3 is a file to be created by checksum.
    arg2 is a simple char* switch.
    Checksum.exe also exists in the same directory.

    I can't get it to work ...

    Can you help ?



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    Read the manual - spawnl args start at arg0, not arg1

    spawnl (P_WAIT, checksum, checksum,arg1,arg2,arg3,NULL);

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