Thread: LibBZip2 tutorial search trouble

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    LibBZip2 tutorial search trouble

    Out of all the compression types out there, I've held particular interest in BZip2. I use it a lot, but my dilemma is I want to embed functionalty for reading files in a BZip2 archive, but... not really extract them...

    I tried googling for a tutorial but all there are how-to's on using the command line utility. At most, all I can find is the API documentation. While it is helpful, it's pretty much the tutorials that help me use it the right way.

    I'd appreciate any recommended links on any tutorials. Also, LibBZip2 claims to have C++ wrappers for ease of use, so I'd highly prefer those in addition, if possible.

    You know, this would probably make for a good new tutorial to be featured on the main page. I mean there's a small SDL tutorial, so I say maybe a BZip2 tutorial couldn't hurt. This is only an opinion though. After all, tutorials hardly ever come out recently.

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    It is actually very easy. I wrote an app in about 5 mins that would decode a bzip2 archive and hold it in memory. Just read the docs on calling the lib.
    and more specifically

    There really are only a few function calls that even matter.

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    Thanks! Much appreciated

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    i've been looking for this, too

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