Thread: pointer to pointer that points to a char array

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    pointer to pointer that points to a char array


    I have been experimenting with pointer to pointers that point to an int. That bit I understand.

    However, when I try and dereference the pointer to get the string value, the program crashes.
    void error_msg(char **msg)
                    printf("**msg: %s\n", **msg); //dereference to get the string
    	printf("*msg: %p\n", *msg); //display the address
    I am calling the function like this:
    	char msg_error[] = "Message";
    	char *msg = msg_error;
    When I was experimenting with integers I was doing like this:
    void error_int(int **myInt)
                    //**myInt dereferences and *myInt displays the address
    	printf("*myInt address: %p value: %p\n", myInt, *myInt);
    	printf("**myInt address: %p value: %d\n", *myInt, **myInt);
    I guess for arrays you have to do something different.

    Many thanks,


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    When you have a
    char **msg
    then type of
    *msg == char*
    and the type of
    **msg == char

    So you are using %s format specifier, but passing in a char. printf() is interpreting the char you passed in as a pointer to a null-terminated array of chars. Boom.


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    The %s conversion specification expects a pointer to a NULL terminated string but the argument you supplied is **msg which is a char.
    Either change the conversion specification to %c or make the argument to printf() a pointer to char *msg.

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