Thread: hi plz help me in this topic

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    hi plz help me in this topic

    void main()
    char temp[10];
    FILE *input1 = NULL;
    FILE *input2 = NULL;
    unsigned char buffer[100], lTempData[7][20];
    char *lPtr = NULL;
    int i =0;
    input1 = fopen("/u/n073313/vijay/File.txt", "rb");
    fread(buffer, 1,100, input1);
    printf("First line %s\n",buffer);
    lPtr = strtok(buffer, ",");
    strncpy(lTempData[i], lPtr, strlen(lPtr));
    while (lPtr != NULL)
    strncpy(lTempData[i], lPtr, strlen(lPtr));
    for (int j =0; j< 7 ; j++)
    printf("Values %s\n", lTempData[i]);
    int a = atol(lTempData[5]);
    int b = atol(lTempData[6]);
    int c = a+b;
    printf("Values %d %d result %d\n", a, b, c);
    sprintf(temp, "%d", c);
    input2 = fopen("File2.txt", "r");
    fwrite(c, 1, 10, input2);

    The i/p txt file is like this

    and i want to add 3.0+4.0=7.0
    First i want to read the txt file add last two columns writing it into another txt I written the code and i run the code i am getting

    Segmentation fault(coredump)

    please help me in this

    Thanks & regards

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    Asked already, only 8 minutes earlier.

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