Thread: problem with stdout

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    problem with stdout

    I necessary with your help.
    I've next scrap code...
    			if (inet_ntoa(header->dir) == "/usr/bin") {
    			printf("%s  \n", inet_ntoa(header->dir));
    Why value doesn't be printed from header->dir? Condition has been executed, but value from structure doesn't printed. Possible I should to call structure element at one time or merely once?
    I've a lot of similar calls, to suggested me whatever to do it very smart not hard? I just need impart designed my code.

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    Perhaps you're trying to compare strings of char's, without using strcmp(string1, string2) == 0, type code?

    You can't compare strings directly in C, like string1 == string2. That doesn't work.

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    Lika Adak says: You are comparing the result of the inet_ntoa() function with the the address of the string constant "/usr/bin" - since this string constant is MOST LIKELY not used in inet_ntoa(), the address isn't going to match.

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