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    I have a text file with the line:


    where *=whitespace. There are 19 whitespaces. I have to use * to show you whitespace, because for some reason, this forum won't allow more than a single whitespace between words or colums. And the tiny little forum compose box makes formatting a nightmare.

    So I wrote a program to count the whitespaces.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main(void)
        FILE *openfile;
        int whitespacecount = 0, tabspacecount = 0;
        int c;
        /* Open file for reading */
        if( (openfile = fopen("directorylisting.txt", "rt")) == NULL )
        /* Count whitespaces while not EOF, or end of string */
        while( (c = getc(openfile) != EOF) && (c = getc(openfile) != '\0'))
            if (c = ' ')
            if (c = '\t')                    /* try to count columns of whitespace */
        printf("The number of whitespaces is %d\n", whitespacecount+1);
        printf("The number of tabspaces is %d\n", tabspacecount+1);
        return 0;
    But when I run the program, the output is 29, instead of 19 whitespaces. Why?

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    What I find even stranger is that you're calling getc() twice in each loop (so you're skiping every 2nd char) but yet you get more spaces than you expected, when I would expect you to get about half.
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    Something else you may want to check is this:
    if (c = ' ')
    if (c = '\t')

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