Thread: Eternal block of process with sem_wait ( )

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    Eternal block of process with sem_wait ( )


    I'm working on a project upon Ubuntu Linux distribution, and I'm intended to use the semaphore interface provided by <semaphore.h>. The actual problem is, that when having two processes, let's say A and B, that lock their critical sections with the same semaphore, let's say s, B tries to lock semaphore (sem_wait) and goes into the CS, A tries to lock semaphore (sem_wait) but is blocked, and then B locks and unlocks (sem_post) the semaphore a lot of times, while A is sitting actionless... Even when B ends, A does not respond, as it seems to be blocked by its sem_wait. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea about this (except bad memory handling and wrong initialization, etc).

    Thanx for any response!

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    If a thread is blocked in sem_wait(), then as soon as the semaphore becomes non-zero (via sem_post() in another thread), that thread should decrement the sem's value and return from sem_wait(). If this isn't the case (assuming the api's have been used correctly) then you may have "priory inversion" which is preventing A from acquiring the semaphore. Meaning that B's priority is higher, which allows it so post and acquire that post in the same quantum - which in turn starves A.


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    Hm, the really weird thing here is that when B terminates, A still remains blocked, a fact that may rule out priority inversion.. :/

    thnx anyway codeplug!

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    Are you sure you're working with the same semaphore (did you used an absolute path name if it's a named semaphore?). Could you post only the relevant sections of your code? (semaphore creation and usage), it's hard to tell otherwise.

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