Thread: problem defining an array :s

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    problem defining an array :s

    ok, basicly im trying to define a global multidementional char array in a header file, and it works fine for maybe half an hour and i don't touch this code at all and eventually it starts picking the array up as a function that i haven't defined properly.
    I'm using Dev C++,

    But Yea Why does my compiler randomly think it's a function, this is not the 1st time i have come accorss this problem :|
    char VocabG[][]
    { "Wort 1",
    "Wort 2",
    "Wort 3",
    "Wort 4",
    "Wort 5"


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    Surely you did not actually use that syntax? You should post the smallest and simplest (compilable) program that demonstrates the problem.
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    I think you should have an assignment operator (=), that is missing here.

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