Thread: Mysterious linking error..Pls suggest solution's urgent

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    Mysterious linking error..Pls suggest solution's urgent

    I am compiling 1 project. Itís compiling but giving linking error like below

    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file '.\Debug\file.obj'

    I tried to find out the reason. I searched file.obj in whole computer but this file was not existingÖ.It means file.c is successfully getting compiled

    But there can be 2 chances

    1. Unable to store in the directory on a computer

    2. Unable to generate obj file ( very rare chances)

    Please let me know the reasonÖ

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    If the file was successfully compiled, file.obj would exist.
    The notion that it does not means it failed to compile or generate obj file.
    Firstly, try a rebuild of the project. Sometimes it solves some problems.
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    io.h certainly IS included in some modern compilers. It is no longer part of the standard for C, but it is nevertheless, included in the very latest Pelles C versions.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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