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    Noob printf question

    Hey i new to C i wanted to ask a noob printf question
    why sometimes in like for printing out character we do %.1d what that 1 before integer for ? i Tried looking it over what does it mean and i added like %.9d it added a couple of zeroes.

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    Lookup the printf() manpage; the 9 in %.9d is the precision which dictates the minimum number of digits that will appear in the output.

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    If you use "%4d" then it means "print the number using 4 positions". "%5.4d" means "use 5 positions, and use digits for 4 of those", fill with zeros to make up missing digits, and spaces to make up the rest of the space.

    "%5.4d" used on the number 123 will give
    as the output.
    If the number is more than 4 digits, it will print the entire number using as many digits as it needs.

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    thanks alot dude i understand it now

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