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    midi programming

    what's wrong with this code??? i'm trying to play an array on notes thru midi....only new to this subject....this code compiles but crashes when i run the .exe file....think i remember someone saying something about running printf and scanf with midi although i can't for the life of me remember what it was... if anybody has information they could share would really appreciate it . cheers

    runing the code with: gcc -o test test.c -I. -L. -lportmidi -lwinmm

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <portmidi.h>
    #define MD_NOTEON 0x90
    #define MD_NOTEOFF 0x80
    #define MD_PRG 0xC0
    #define SBYTE(mess,chan) mess | chan
    int main()
    	int array [3][3];
    	int a [3]={0,0,0}; 
    	int b [3]={0,0,0}; 
    		int play(int array[3][3]); 
    			int cnt,i,dev;
    			PmError retval;
    			const PmDeviceInfo *info;
    			PortMidiStream *mstream;
    			if(cnt = Pm_CountDevices())
    				for(i=0; i < cnt; i++)
    					info = Pm_GetDeviceInfo(i);
    					printf("%d: %s \n", i, info->name);
    				printf("choose device: ");
    				scanf("%d", &dev);
    				Pt_Start(1, NULL, NULL);
    				retval = Pm_OpenOutput(&mstream, dev,
    				if(retval != pmNoError)
    				printf("error: %s \n", Pm_GetErrorText(retval));
    					int a,b,
    					fine = array [a][b];
    					char chan = 0;
    					int prg = 4;
    					long time = 0;
    					if(fine == 0)
    						Pm_WriteShort(mstream, 0,
    							Pm_Message(SBYTE(MD_PRG,chan), prg, 0));
    						time = Pt_Time(NULL);
    						Pm_WriteShort(mstream, 0,
    							Pm_Message(SBYTE(MD_NOTEON,chan), 60, 120));
    						while(Pt_Time(NULL) - time < 1000);
    						Pm_WriteShort(mstream, 0,
    							Pm_Message(SBYTE(MD_NOTEOFF,chan), 60, 120));
    			else printf("No available output devices\n");
    			return 0;

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    > int array [3][3];
    This is uninitialised

    > int a [3]
    This array is masked by a variable with the same name in an inner scope.
    Ditto for b

    > fine = array [a][b];
    Your a and b are uninitialised here as well, so you just index garbage.

    > gcc -o test test.c -I. -L. -lportmidi -lwinmm
    gcc -W -Wall -o test test.c -I. -L. -lportmidi -lwinmm
    Then fix what it complains about.
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