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    type conversion

    i hava 2 dimensional array that hold unsigned char like 234,678,87,23,23, and some thing like that.

    i want to convert this to integer how is it posssible.


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    If it's a string then you can use atoi() function to do this.
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    Using strtol() would be better:
    - it detects overflow
    - it returns a pointer to the end of the converted string. Ideal if you're walking through a list of numbers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by makpandian View Post
    i hava 2 dimensional array that hold unsigned char like 234,678,87,23,23, and some thing like that.

    i want to convert this to integer how is it posssible.


    (edit, unless your value takes up two or more character positions, in which case, none of the string functions will work by themselves - you'll have to move the 2 or more bytes into another array, null terminate them, and then you can use a string function on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dino
    Nah, it's possible with 10 bit bytes. But yeah, more likely it was just a typographical error when generating a random list of numbers by hand.
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