Thread: proxy.pac (proxy auto config) question

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    proxy.pac (proxy auto config) question

    Hello everyone!

    I am trying to make an application that can retrieve http pages over the internet probably using cURL or HTTPGET. but before that, I need to identify first the correct proxy settings depending on the URL I am trying to access.
    So, I've read about proxy.pac(proxy auto config) scripts that browsers use
    to resolve the proxy settings automatically and not manually setting the proxy server and the port #.
    I am asking you guys if you have any idea on how to somehow load the script given the script location and then execute it and get the proxy returned by the script?
    I've encountered about libproxy library that somehow do this, but I don't get the part on how to specify the .pac script location.

    Help guys please!


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    thanks for the reply... its of big help!

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