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    Angry Need Help With Floats.....

    Hi friends,
    I need help with the floating point numbers. Actually, I want all the calculations done involving floats to be done using 2/3 digit precision. For Example... if I enter
    a=20.20 and b=30.30 and then say c=b-a
    internally a=20.200001 and b=30.299999 and accordingly c is not exactly equal to 10.10.
    I need a way out with this.
    The answers can be corrected in PRINTF using the format specifier but I dont Use Printf in my programs (low level).
    Please help me out with this.

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    mmm....well i can offer a crazy idea.........maybe it won't work since you are programming low level or whatever.....could you make the number a string.....parse the data at the "." (period).....grab 2 characters past the period...throw the first digits plus a period back with the 2 characters grabbed....then store in back to a float? or will that still jack things up? i wrote some code for awhile...but its past 4am and it wasnt working right so i one else made suggestions so i tried...

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    77 that didn't work...What if you did that...broke it up into 2 strings...the first digits (up to the decimal place)....then the 2 digits after the decimal place.....Convert those to INT, not FLOAT....just go do your math with the integers.....then throw the numbers back together as a float........get my drift?

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